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Serenity and Peace Homestay

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    Mallandur, Chickmagalur - 577130
    1 nights

    Delight for someone loves outdoor. Discover at Serenity and Peace homestay the priceless joys of serenity and peace, at the countless nature creations that speckle every person who visits. Indulge in some activities to get a taste of planters’ lifestyle; or lazily gaze into the green plantations as you sip some hot coffee!

    Serenity and Peace homestay is located exactly 19 kms from Chikmagalur town and just about 500 meters from Mallandur Village. (4 hours 30 minutes drive from Bangalore 260 kms) Newly constructed house has first floor with two Large rooms. Ground floor has two rooms including a couple/family room.

    Two lakes have been created within 100 meters from the house and a kilometer rough walk track. Fitness freaks get the best during the stay@Serenity and Peace homestay. If you have an eye and ear for birds, butterflies, insects and flora you are guaranteed to get lost for hours within property.


    It begins to get dark so the campfire naturally becomes a gathering spot for all. Story tellers are in high demand on camping trips – learn a few stories to share around your next

    What type of Birder are you?
    Bird watcher, Backyard Birder, Twitcher, Citizen Scientist or an Ornithologist?

    Perfect location for Trek Freaks!

    Planning a hilly retreat to escape the hectic city life and unwind amidst the picturesque surroundings?  Here are some packing tips and a list of must haves for your next vacation to the hills Roll your clothes and organise your belongings in a backpack for your mountain getaway. Make sure you pack in a well organised manner for ease of accessibility and weight distribution. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle since you would require it for those long walks or while hiking.

    The sun is extremely bright in the mountains. Polarized glasses cut the glare and haze and will help you admire the beauty of the hills better.

    In the cold weather you need clothes that will keep you warm and cosy. But they don’t have to be boring. A leather jacket will not only beat the cold, but also make an attractive style statement.

    Monsoon is also the season when the otherwise dry Western Ghats turn lush green! The valleys surrounding the metropolis come alive with people flocking to the trails to take on the challenge of climbing slippery slopes only to rappel down a waterfall

    A trip to the hills calls for long walks and exciting activities like hiking, mountain climbing, etc. Make sure you carry a comfortable pair of walking shoes to avoid sore feet and blisters. When travelling to a destination where there is snow, it is recommended that you carry snow boots that prevent you from slipping.

    Skincare items will prevent dryness and sun exposure caused by the weather in the mountains. Opt for moisturizers that are rich in cocoa, body butter, soy milk or honey. A common misconception is that you don’t need to apply sunscreen when travelling to the hills. On the contrary, it is recommended that you apply one with an SPF rating suited to your lifestyle to prevent yourself from a sun burn.

    Navigation- Map, Compass, GPS (optional), Altimeter (optional), Sun protection- Sunscreen, Lip balm, Sunglasses, Insulation- Jacket, vest, pants, long underwear, gloves, hat (see Clothing) Illumination- Headlamp or flashlight, Extra batteries- First-aid supplies,• First-aid kit, Fire- Matches or lighter, Waterproof container, Fire starter (for emergency survival fire), Nutrition-Extra day’s supply of food Hydration- Water bottles Emergency shelter.

    Everyone has an opinion on how to shoot landscapes. But the thing is, there is a secret to producing winning landscape photography with wow factor. Take pictures of every beautiful moment of your trip so that you can relive the fond memories later. Don’t forget to pack spare batteries and an extra memory card.

    Follow few simple steps and you’ll get a top-notch shot every time you go out.

    1. Get Basic Composition Down. The heart of a photograph is its composition—the position of different elements in a frame.
    2. Adjust Exposure Compensation. As long as you aren’t shooting in full manual mode, your digital camera is making decisions that determine the exposure of a photo.
    3. Choose the Right Mode. Your camera is likely to have scores of shooting modes, ranging from fully automatic operation to very specific scene modes.
    4. Watch Your White Balance. Your camera will try and set white balance automatically based on the type of light in which’s you’re shooting. Different light casts different types of color—sunlight is very blue, tungsten lighting is yellow, and fluorescent is a bit green.
    5. Think About Lighting. Pay attention to how much light you have and where it’s coming from when taking your photos.
    6. Use Your Flash Wisely. Many a photo has been foiled by a flash firing too close to a subject.
    7. Add a Flash Diffuser. If dialing down flash power isn’t an option, you can also add a diffuser to help spread the light out.
    8. Use a Tripod or Monopod. Sometimes, the best way to get your shot perfect is to take some extra time. Using a tripod will allow you to set up framing, and can come in handy—along with your camera’s self-timer—for getting that shot of you and the kids.
    9. Be Selective. It’s easy to take hundreds of photos in a few hours when shooting digitally. But don’t just dump your memory card and upload all of the images to Facebook. You should spend some time going through your photos so you can eliminate redundant shots and discard photos.
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    FERNS-how to grow in your garden
    Although we are most accustomed to seeing graceful ferns throughout woodlands and forests where they nestle under tree canopies, they are equally attractive when used in the shady home garden. Garden ferns that are tolerant of winter temperatures can be grown year round in gardens throughout the United States. A large number of ferns will withstand both the winter cold and summer heat, which makes them particularly useful in the shady southern landscape. This hardiness also makes taking care of outdoor ferns simple

    Reptiles, Mammals and Amphibians
    In creating importance for conservation of the rainforest, the frogs, snakes, lizards etc. are sighted in the western ghat hub. Other reptiles and amphibians of the area include the flying lizard.



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    Mullayanagiri located in Chikmagalur district is the highest peak in Karnataka with an altitude of 1950 meters. Regarded as the highest peak between Himalayas and Nilgiris, Mullayanagiri is one of the best treks in Karnataka and among the top trekking places to visit in Chikmagalur. It is also one of the top attractions you must


    Baba Budangiri Hills

    Overview To the north of Chikmagalur town is the Baba-Budan Range or Chandra Drona Parvatha as it was known in olden times, which has one of the highest mountain peaks between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris. The loftiest point of the range is Mullaiyanagiri which is 1,926 meters above sea level. The three large caves



    The historic town Belur, one of the monuments of Karnataka, is beautifully set on banks of Yagachi river, amidst lush surroundings, in Hassan district of Karnataka. It was formerly known as Velapuri and was chosen as the alternate capital city by the Hoysala’s after the ransacking and destruction of their then capital Dwarasumudra (now known



    Halebidu the ancient Hoysala capital houses the ornate Hoysaleswara and Kedareswara temples, and is one of the well visited tourist attractions of Karnataka. Halebidu is located at a distance of 149 km from Mysore and 31 km from Hassan. The Karnataka State Tourism Bureau offers a rather hectic tour package (from Mysore) covering Sravanabelagola, Halebidu


    Chikmagalur Golf Club

    Lush green hills surround Chikmagalur (1, 434 mts) and blend into Western Ghats. This is where the famed Indian Coffee originated, where the highest peak Mulaiyanagiri (1,925mts) in Karnataka nestles cosily with Babubudanagiri hills. A constant clamour by visitors, who have fallen head over heels for Chikmagalur Golf Club, has been for a place to



    Kemmannugundi is a hill station in Chikmagalur district in the state of Karnataka, India. Kemmannugundi (or Kemmannagundi) derives its name from three Kannada words – Kempu (red), mannu (soil) and gundi (pit) and means a place with red soil. It is 1434m above sea level. This was the summer retreat of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV and


    Hirekolale Lake

    At a distance of 10 Kms from Chikmagalur & 50 Kms from Kemmangundi, Hirekolale Lake is a beautiful manmade lake amidst beauty and surrounded by high mountains. The famous hills of Mullayanagiri can be viewed from here. This lake was built to supply water to Chikmagalur town and irrigation of lands in surrounding villages. This

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