Chikmagalur is a hill station in Karnataka, India, known for its coffee plantations, scenic views and wildlife. But did you know that Chikmagalur is also a great destination to visit during the rainy season? Here are some reasons why you should experience Chikmagalur in the monsoon.

  1. Enjoy the lush greenery and waterfalls. The rain transforms the landscape of Chikmagalur into a green paradise, with fresh foliage, blooming flowers and gushing waterfalls. You can trek to some of the famous waterfalls in the region, such as Hebbe Falls, Jhari Falls and Kalhatti Falls, and enjoy the refreshing spray of water. You can also admire the beauty of nature from the comfort of your homestay or resort, as many of them offer panoramic views of the hills and valleys.
  2. Indulge in some adventure activities. If you are looking for some thrill and excitement, Chikmagalur has plenty to offer in the rainy season. You can go for white water rafting on the Bhadra River, which becomes more challenging and fun during the monsoon. You can also try zip lining, rappelling, kayaking and other adventure sports at various locations in Chikmagalur. Just make sure to follow the safety guidelines and wear appropriate gear.
  3. Explore the coffee culture and heritage. Chikmagalur is the birthplace of coffee in India, and the rainy season is the best time to learn about its history and culture. You can visit some of the oldest coffee estates in the country, such as Tata Coffee Plantation Trails and Coffee Museum, and witness the coffee harvesting and processing. You can also taste some of the finest varieties of coffee grown in Chikmagalur, such as Arabica, Robusta and Peaberry, and buy some as souvenirs.
  4. Experience the local festivals and cuisine. The rainy season is also a time of celebration and festivity in Chikmagalur, as many local festivals are held during this period. You can witness the colorful rituals and traditions of the people, such as Rathotsava, Kedige Habba and Karthika Deepotsava, and join them in their prayers and dances. You can also savor some of the delicious dishes of Chikmagalur cuisine, such as Akki Roti, Kadubu, Neer Dosa and Malnad Chicken Curry, which are perfect for the cold weather.

Chikmagalur is a place that offers something for everyone, especially in the rainy season. Transform your living in a heritage homestays in Chikmagalur or luxurious resorts in Chikmagalur for a wonderful memories. So don’t let the rain stop you from exploring this amazing destination. Book your tickets now and experience Chikmagalur in a different way.