Chikmagalur is an emerging tourist destination in India. Known for its hills, Forests, Coffee plantation and spices. It is the largest coffee producer in India. Chikmagalur was unexplored and hidden destination compared to frequently visited destinations in India until recently when Homestay concept gained popularity after 2009.

The advantage of staying in Homestay is you get to experience the local environment better the staying in a resort. Homestays are mostly traditionally run homestays run by local families who serve traditional Malnad cuisine which is Homely and Most of the traditional families grow Coffee and spices in the estates, farms in their backyard. You get to learn about growing coffee pepper. You get to buy organic coffee, pepper, spices, pickles and wines which are processes by these homestays and sold at reasonable cost.

Unlike resorts which are mostly managed by staff and run by outsiders who have little or no knowledge of traditions, customs, food of Malnad. Homestays Concept is an experience in itself as you get to experience traditions, customs, Hospitality of local people. But beware of homestays run by outsiders which are showcased on all major online portals. Preferably, please select the homestays run by local online portals from Chikmagalur who are mostly locally run and will guide you on homestays, local whether, drivers, cab facility etc.


Most of the homestays are in Offbeat Chikmagalur. Homestays are beside rivers, waterfalls, On Hill top, Near Jungles etc.