Forest stay in Chikmagalur is nothing but plantation stay in Chikmagalur or Homestays in Chikmagalur or resort stay in Chikmagalur which are close to forest areas. Although much of the forests were cleared by the British and locals for cultivating coffee and spices there is some amount of forest which is still left in Giri hill ranges, Western Ghats. Malnad culture is predominantly Agrarian bases influenced by Jungles, paddy fields, animals which roamed over the landscape.

Animals found in Western Ghats are Sambar, Bison, Caveat cat, Malabar giant squirrel, tiger, elephants, reptiles are python, king cobras, wipers and other cobras, barking deer, Jungle goat and variety of birds like kingfisher, hornbills, woodpeckers etc. Forests are evergreen, shola to deciduous in nature and consist of rosewood, teak, sandalwood to grasslands of shola.

The culture of Malnad is deeply influenced by forest. The raw materials used in agriculture are of forests. Ingredients of majority of foods is from forest whether it’s the pickles, honey and also Bark and roots of several trees and plants are used to food preparation specially in meat and fish. There are also several green leafy vegetables.

The advantage of staying close to forest areas is you get to hear sounds the forests which is very unique experience in itself. You also get to do some bird photography and also of various flora and fauna. You also get to swim in rivers, streams and experience waterfalls. You get to do some fishing, trekking in coffee plantation.