Tea Plantation Homestay is located in the picturesque surrounding of western ghats of Karnataka. Tea Plantation Homestay is 58 km of south-west of Chikmagalur.

Tea Plantation Homestay is near to the kelagur tea point, it’s a perfect place when you are looking for the relaxation, you can enjoy each and every minute  with the nature here. It is a place surrounded by hills of coffee or tea plants, variety  of fruits plants.

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Tea Plantation Homestay in scenic views of the garden and factory from the windows of homestay, also has a beautiful garden to relax and to enjoy the climate. A early morning mist in a pollution free atmosphere at the 3200 feet above the sea level which gives a heavenly feeling and the calmness.

Let the clear western ghats air fill your heart with the maximum amount pleasure because the wide horizon fills your visuals. it’s a comfortable and eco-friendly mansion encircled by golden  hills. Relish as of Chikmagalur with an inexpensive homestay in Mudigere! Tea Plantation Homestay may be a vacation range in Chikmagalur that offers nice facilities and best homestay. Placed at Mudigere, the centre of Chikmagalur, Homestay may be a good vacation range in close Mudigere. Explore Chikmagalur and knowledge the welcome.  

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Silence of the tree and mountains could also be the foremost tempting promise home keep will offer the guest, settled within the thick of the attractive estate Kelagur. The estate surrendered the house stick with the distinctive atmosphere and inexperienced tone. The tourist will expertise eco-tourism in associated with the organic approach. Home keep could be a rare mix of recent and ancient design with the natural forest.

Come stay and enjoy the nature by leaving with land of rugged mountains, coffee and tea plantation which might retain in your mind as unforgettable vacation destination with the civilized individuals within the jungle. Fire flies will glitter at the night time and birds chirping wakes human being at early morning on the daily basis.

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Activities at homestay :

Visit to the Charmudi Ghat – Charmudi stairway could be a distinctive place because it could be a made diverseness spot with a spread of the rare medicative plants and rare animals species within the world. Except for a nature lovers, this stairway is a simple package of unlimited nature beauty.

Bhadra River Rafting – The season for  white water river rafting in the Bhadra river, between Magundi to Balehole will be from June to October every year.

Tea Estate visit – The estate is below hill is value visiting, particularly once the plucking and process square measure current, we are going to guide you through the aromatic industry planted planted its rolling, fermentation and drying process, explaining however inexperienced, black and the white teas will come back from the same leaf.