Malnad is a region in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India, known for its rich biodiversity, scenic beauty and cultural heritage. Malnad cuisines are a reflection of this diversity and harmony with nature. They are prepared with locally grown ingredients, such as rice, millets, pulses, vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs. Malnad cuisines are also influenced by the cuisines of neighboring regions, such as Coorg, Mangalore and Udupi.

Some of the popular Malnad dishes are:

Kadubu: A steamed rice dumpling stuffed with coconut and jaggery or spicy lentil mixture. Kadubu is usually served with ghee or coconut chutney.

Akki roti: A flatbread made from rice flour and grated coconut. Akki roti can be flavored with onion, carrot, coriander leaves, cumin seeds and green chilies. It is eaten with curry or pickle.

Neer dosa: A thin and soft crepe made from rice batter. Neer dosa is served with coconut milk and jaggery or spicy chutney.

Halasina hannina kadubu: A sweet dish made from jackfruit pulp, rice flour and jaggery. It is steamed in jackfruit leaves and garnished with sesame seeds and cardamom powder.

Kotte kadubu: A savory dish made from idli batter and spices. It is steamed in turmeric leaves and served with sambar or chutney.

Thambli: A cold soup made from yogurt, coconut and spices. Thambli can be made with various ingredients, such as cucumber, ginger, mint, curry leaves, fenugreek seeds and pepper. It is a refreshing drink that helps in digestion.

Kayi holige: A dessert made from coconut, jaggery and maida (refined wheat flour). Kayi holige is a flatbread stuffed with coconut and jaggery mixture and roasted on a griddle with ghee. It is served hot or cold with milk or more ghee.

Malnad cuisines are not only delicious but also nutritious and eco-friendly. They use minimal oil and salt and rely on natural flavors and aromas of the ingredients. They also promote the use of local and seasonal produce and preserve the traditional knowledge and practices of the Malnad people.

If you want to experience the taste of nature, you should try Malnad cuisines. You can find them in some restaurants in Karnataka or you can learn to make them at home with some simple recipes. You will surely enjoy the variety and richness of Malnad cuisines.