Going 4×4 romping is an encounter that a great many people appreciate, particularly on the off chance that they like driving all in all. What’s more, we wouldn’t fret following along in the four-wheeler for the rush particularly to a goal like Kyatanamakki in the Western Ghats.

On a chase for a quiet going mud romping goal, we went over Kyatanamakki settling in the slopes of stunning Hornadu. While individuals regularly go on treks to Kodachadri and different slopes close by, very few know about Kyatanamakki slope which is only 4 km away from the base.

While we recommend you head to the spot with a few companions who love to drive, you don’t have any however need to encounter the rush of driving on the streets, you can procure a jeep at the area. The excursion is amazing with lavish green timberlands, shrouded cascades and the smell of the woodland adds to everything.

The highest point of the slope offers a 360 perspective on the valleys and the mists underneath. You can begin your excursion after lunch, get the entrancing nightfall at the top and start back quickly for tea at the Kelagur Tea Estate. The way can be deceptive, so on the off chance that you aren’t sure about driving, you can request a neighborhood driver at your homestay or even a tea shop.

The inviting local people will manage you. While you are there, book the nearby homestay Hornadu Heights which offers conventional malnad nourishment and get up ahead of schedule to get the dawn at the slopes. In the event that you like, you can even pursue a trek to Kodachadri, Kyatanamakki slopes or Ballalarayadurga which are all at different trouble levels. While going romping can be exciting and audacious, we demand you take sufficient well-being measures.