We give you insight into niche destinations and experiences in Malnad region of Karnataka.We will customize the itinerary after discussion. Following can be done by our team 

Visit to rural and tribal hamlets hidden in forests away from modern world.

We take you to rural hamlets cut off from modern work where facilities are basic. Agricultural families with small land holding grow organic, natural paddy, native seed vegetables, herbs and fruits like Jack fruit, Jamun, Garcinia, wild Mango etc. Value added products like pickles, jams are made. Tribals collect honey from forests and also toddy is harnessed from Palm trees.

Visit to old forts, heritage sites, ruined forts

Malnad region is infested with ruined forts and temples dating back to 12th century. There are several Jain monasteries, forts of local chieftains who fought foreign invaders. Some amazing facts and architecture are unraveled. Night trek and exploring flora, fauna and reptiles, bird photography are the best activity that should not be missed. Night trek to explore frog varieties, reptiles, endangered snakes with professional guide. Photography tour with bird watching guide to hills and rivers of western ghats can be done.

Fresh water streams and rivers

Swim, take a dip in rivers and streams with proper precautions with trained professionals. Learn flora and fauna in river beds. Go to the source of river. On request river trail marathon can be organized. Learn about rare fish and migratory birds.

Hiking and water based adventure activities like river rafting, kayaking

River rafting in rain fed river during monsoon. Kayaking and camping on  river side. Spot kingfishers, reptiles like monitor lizards, pythons and king cobra occasionally.

Areca, spices farms 

Areca palms plantation and spice plantation like pepper, cinnamon, clove, cardamom. Eat from Banana leaves and areca plates which are eco friendly. Learn arecanut tree climbing, Processing of areca.

Organic farms and medicinal plants 

Visit organic farms run by informed locals and learn, work and have fun in farms. Learn to prepare herbal drink, cooking with organic foods in traditional style. Go for a bullock cart ride. Try milking a native cow bread called Malnad Gidda.

Coffee estate stay experience  

Stay in offbeat estate where estate owners live life king size. Relish iconic Arabica coffee. Learn coffee blends, tasting and take a tour in coffee estate in open jeep and take a look at coffee picking, processing which are seasonal in nature. Talk to coffee planters and learn about life in hills and estate of Malnad .

Relishing authentic malnad cuisine 

Veg and non veg dishes cooked for centuries are prepared in traditional houses. Pickles. papads, curries are flavored with local spices. Fruits from forests, snacks from Jackfuits, fresh fish from Rivers and ponds. The food is cooked in earthen woven. Firewood is used to cook ingredients. 

Cycling and biking in offbeat terrains 

We offer cycling and biking expeditions in offbeat rural roads away from main roads. You get to see countryside, small hamlets. Have coffee/snacks on the way in local shacks. Stay in farmstays run by locals. Swim in rivers and Jungle streams.