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Areca Plantation Experience Koppa and Sringeri Region

Areca Plantation Experience Koppa and Sringeri Region

Areca Plantation Experience Koppa and Sringeri Region

Koppa, a small town is 80 km away from Chikmagalur popularly known as Kashmir of Karnataka and well known for Arecanut plantation. It is 3000 ft above the sea level. Koppa is an excellent getaway for offbeat travellers. The areca nut is also known as betel nut or supari. Arecanut plantation is one of the many picturesque views that can be captured as your memory. Since this plant can be grown along with coffee so areca nut is considered to be a very valuable crop. Being a tall plant, towering over the coffee plant areca provides the much needed shade to the coffee wherever it is required.

Accompanied with areca trees there are some other plants as well like pepper. Koppa and Sringeri provides suitable soil and weather for areca plantation. It is planted usually interspersed with coffee and pepper. Once planted, the Areca plant is tended to be like the coffee. Once Areca plant is fully grown it needs minimal care and hence it is of great importance to the farmer. This plant only needs fertilizers and regular irrigation. Arecanut plantation is one of the major source of income along with coffee and spices.

Old heritage homes – Thotti mane

An ideal ambience for the peaceful and serene stay is what you get in Thotti Mane. This kind of home stay is usually found amidst the tranquil set up where you would hear the chirping of birds, sound of fresh water flowing by, rustle of leaves and much more to give you an authentic village feel, croaks of frogs and sounds made by little insects and various other forms of life which are exclusive to the Western Ghats of India. These soothing sounds in the language of nature have the aura to draw you to the tranquility; to help you discover yourself.

Traditional And Religious People

People in Sringeri and Koppa are religious and have firm belief in the old traditions and culture. The Culture of any place is the reflection of the society. It tells us about the people of the place, their lifestyle and their beliefs. Observing the culture of Koppa and Sringeri gives you a fair idea about the traditions and practices that are followed by the locals. The festivals, the events, the attractions, all reflect the culture of Sringeri and Koppa in one way or the other. The Brahminical culture also has good hold in the society with all the rituals and important pooja being performed by them. Ganesh Chaturthi, Mahashivratri are few festivals that is celebrated by the people here with great zeal and vigor.

Climate Similar To Costal Area

Climate here is very similar to the coastal area which is hot and humid in summer and winter is considered to be the comfortable climate for the tourists to visit this place as the temperature here in winter varies from 14 to 32 degrees. Precipitation is high and enjoys the moderating influence of land and sea breezes throughout the year. So the tourists here come prepared with the solutions to protect themselves from Sun Tan. Also the climate gives you feel of places like Goa yet far away from the noisy and the hustle- bustle of crowded place like Goa and give you complete tranquility and time to spend with yourself.

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