Planning for weekend trip and long stay in Western Ghats in Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur known as Chikmagalur located in the foothills of Mullayanagiri range of Karnataka district. A lovely picturesque view where clouds nap on hilltop with sparkling dews on lushy green environment which rejuvenate your mind and body. Chikmagalur is famous for lushy green environment, waterfalls and scenic mountains. Land of coffee estate, it has always been a prime attractions for its visitors. Enjoy the breath – taking surroundings of chikmagalur and magical waterfalls with adventurous trekking spots which one can enjoy exploring nature and picturesque landscape.

Mullayanagiri trek, chikmagalur is one of the best trekking spots which is just 20 kms from chikmagalur situated in the Chandradona Hill Ranges. Buses can be availed from chikmagalur to foothills of Mullayanagiri. The presence of three large caves are said to have blessed by three siddhas contains their ‘idol’ and ‘tombs’. The trekking peak goes via Sitalayanagiri temple. The adventurous trekking can be covered within 12 kms walking at the parapet from Mullayanagiri to Bababudangiri. Bababudangiri is a holy place revered by Hindus and Muslims. The sanctum of Bababudangiri is a beautiful place to visit.

Sarpadhari trek is the base point for trekking to Mullayanagiri trek. Covered with greenery and huge surroundings of hills and lovely landscapes makes this trekking enjoyable.

Kemmanagudi trek is one of the best trekking spot comes under Bandra wild life sanctuary just 60 kms from chikmagalur. Hebbe falls with mist and water spray is a awesome experience to trek. Hiring a jeep would be nice as the roads are narrow. The coffee plantation and dense forest in a picturesque route is one step to heaven. Beautiful waterfalls and stay at nearby homestays is a good option. Hiring a jeep or by walking is recommended to experience the beauty of terrains, something off beat!

Sakleshpur trek is the famous trekking spots around chikmagalur district. The trekking is also known as Sakleshpur railway trek just 60 kms from chikmagalur district. This trekking spot can be covered by visiting Lot of waterfalls; rail Girdhar Bridge comes between Sakleshpur railway station to Yedakumari railway station.

Kumara Parvatha trek is one of the best trekking spots which begins from Subrahmanya town just 120 kms from chikmagalur.  Along with the  trekking Beautiful meadows, greenery and landscapes can  enjoyed.

Kudremukh trek  is one of the beautiful trekking spot just 100 kms from Chikmagalur town. This trekking spot is third highest peak in chikmagalur. The trekking can be covered by a private vehicle. The lushy green surroundings and waterfalls around make the trekking very special.

Agumbe ghat or Narasimha Parvatha trek is another trekking spot around chikmagalur district. The untouched wildlife and scenic beauty makes this trekking lovely. Agumbe trek starts from Kigga which is 90 kms from chikmagalur. The most exotic wildlife and wildlife makes this place

Necessary things to carry:

  • Strong backpack and light.
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Water bottles 2 liters each
  • Personal camera,
  • First aid box, Tissue papers, sunscreen lotion, wind cheaters,
  • Tents, sleeping bags (optional).