Chikmagalur is Cyclists paradise. There are many offbeat stretches you can do.

Cycling through paddy fields on Kalasa-Kudremukh stretch is cyclists delight. Away from the crowded tourist  destination of Chikmagalur town and its surrounding  is Kalasa. The natural beauty will keep you mesmerized. The road side coffee shacks are a place where you can take short breaks and will help you interact with village folks. Rice is the staple diet of Malenadu. Paddy was the only major crop in Malenadu before independence. After the Britishers came Coffee/Tea, spices replaced paddy. Learn from the locals on paddy cultivation and how rice is used as staple food in all meals in Malenadu. Cycling through the pictures road on Kalasa-Kudremukh will give you panoramic view of Hills around. Forests and shola grassland of Kudremukh come alive during monsoons. Lush coffee plantations/Tea estates engulf the landscape which gives way to Shola grassland of Kudremukh.

Enjoy lunch at a village food joint where you can have authentic Malenadu food which serves Kadabu and Koli saru, Kesa, River and Sea fish, pork and few other traditional recipes.

Cycle through the streams and rivers, countryside, rugged roads. Visit the tea estate and learn about tea cultivation.

Cycle though deep village hamlets where life is laid back where time never flies and lean a thing or two about living a simple content village. Cycle through the cowherds grazing cattle. Talk to the cowherds about monsoons, rains, forests and wild animals. Hear to the sound of traditional bells made of bamboo tied around cows and buffaloes. These cows are called “Malenadu gidda” which withstand heavy monsoon.

Cycle through coffee estates of Kalasa and learn about coffee cultivation and pepper cultivation in high rainfall region. Stay at some of the best homestays near Kalasa. There are one or two eco-friendly resorts near Kalasa as well. Kalasa homestays are very traditional and authentic Malenadu homestays in Chikmagalur. Learn about local festivals, culture, tradition, farming etc. Come and visit Kalasa through our exclusive trip plans.