Chikmagalur’s  best holiday can be achieved when stayed in heritage or authentic properties. The completeness of experiencing Chikmagalur’s holiday tours is really challenging  so you need to plan the holiday according to your budget and needs. The homestays in Chikmagalur vary from below 1000 rs to above 5000 rs. Here gets the confusion for anyone to choose, so we are trying to ease out in choosing the homestay accordingly depending on type of group, group size and budget. Budget homestay doesn’t mean cheap homestay and we are going to tell you how?

Homestay Photos And Videos

When you visit Chikmagalur homestay site, check for best photos and google over recently taken photos and videos. If the property is good comparatively to your imagination, just bookmark the site else search for the next site. If this point is valid then check for next point

Homestay Tariff and Rates

When your dream property is selected check for price / tariff. Carefully read all the details mentioned and you can make a point of what is included and what is not included in the tariff. Above we had mentioned about budget / cheap homestay concepts. Not all budget / cheap homestays are bad but they may skip food or the activities for a attrictive price tag and also it does’t mean that all the high price tag hometsays are good. So compare the points just with the help of a note.

Homestay Activities

Every homestay in Chikmagalur is located at certain elevations meaning some hometsys are best suited for relaxing, sightseeing, bird watching and photography (a natural environment). And some might provide activities through artifacts, garden and rope activities. Make a point of this in your note for comparison.

Homestay Nearby Attractions

At last but not the least guests have to look out for attractions nearby homestay. When you are staying for more than a day you tend to bored in spite of a good stay and food so be more exploitative in finding nearby attractive places. Make a note of these places so that you can discuss with the homestay owner in visiting those places.


Every travelers should have a brief idea of a unknown place they are going to visit so they must make a full preparation for their holiday. Unplanned trips may encounter bitter experience because of negligence in planning within group or friends. Plan and Book homestays or resorts before visiting Chikmagalur then only the host can give good service and can make beautiful arrangements.