“Chikmagalur” the word itself has become very popular throughout South India and North India for its green nature and best hospitality the travelers get here. Through word of mouth and blogs, Chikmagalur has wide spread its customer base not only in India but also around the world. Popularity is increasingly high that its already competing with Coorg and in time Chikmagalur tourism will raise to a new level.

Chikmagalur Tour Packages varies like Honeymoon Package, Corporate Team Outing, Family Outings, Friends and groups depending on their interests.


You can book your stay immediately in your favorite region of Chikmagalur. The booking is very simple, just fill the information with a click of button “Book Now” above and we will do it on behalf of you. We can customize the tour package according to your needs and we won’t charge anything from you!

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