For those you looking for more relaxed visit to Chikmagalur there are many homestays in Chikmagalur district run by traditional Malnad families that are more of coffee plantation, stays in Chikmagalur. Traditional families across Malnad regions of Chikmagalur grow coffee, tea, pepper and cardamom since 1850s. There are Coffee plantations with bungalows, houses or traditional Malnad houses which are converted to Homestays. The concept of homestays gained popularity in 1990s.

chikmagalur homestay amid coffee plantation
Coffee Estate Homestay

Chikmagalur coffee homestay invites you to a stay laced with homely comforts in a coffee plantation in Chikmagalur, with fun things to do and good Chikmagalur food. These homestay are situated in the middle of coffee estate to wake up to lush green coffee plantation views.

Coffee Estates in Chikmagalur

Home to some of the the best coffee beans in India, the coffee estates in Chikmagalur are iconic! Stay in the fine estates for a good experience with the process and spend some quality time amongst nature. Cosy homes amidst the hills, wake up to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen that are freshly plucked from the farms. Coffee-lovers, this is your calling!

1) Luxury Homestay near Mullayanagiri

It is located in offbeat and most remote part of Chandra Drona mountain range. The Drive to the homestay is breath taking. The Undulated topography of hills, valleys and Streams is breath taking and makes you forget the bad condition of road leading to the homestay. In a way, it is good that road has remained this way thereby avoiding routine tourist crowds that you can see near Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri. Once the guests reach the homestay, they are treated by a lavish spread for lunch which make you forget the bad road condition.

The staff and the chef will go overboard to keep guests happy. The facilities of the homestay is five – star class, be it the food, location, hospitality. If you are a group, try the lavish villa which accommodate 8 pax having a bar counter and it opens up to swimming pool. Try traditional Malnad food. Enjoy the Bonfire under starlit sky. Go for unexplored private waterfalls in the Hills and enjoy the pristine undulated water falls. Ideal for couples, families and Groups

2) Homestay near Mullayanagiri

This Homestay is located near Mullayanagiri. It is close to Mullayanagiri, Bababudangiri and Jhari falls; you are at peace from the tourists who flock to the hills. Undisturbed and engulfed amidst the coffee plantation, silver oak plantation and the hills, you get a sense of solitude and peace. The food is traditional style with akki rotti, kadabu, kesa, koli saru, fish etc. You get to drink one of the finest coffee you get from homegrown coffee plantation. Enjoy the Bonfire to beat the chill of Giri Mountains. Ideal for Couples and small families

3) Veg Homestays near Chikmagalur

For those of you looking for Authentic Veg Malnad food and Very close to Mullayanagiri, Bababudangiri and Jerry falls and surrounded by best coffee plantations around and traditional touch this homestay is a place you need to stay.

4) Veg Homestay near Jhari Falls

For those of you looking for Authentic Veg food and undulated topography around the cottages makes it ideal place for families and couples. Located on the slopes of Chandra Drona Parvatha, The Shola Grasslands of Bababudangiri hills gives a view of green carpet cover and the streams around will rejuvenate the senses.

5) BeanZone Homestay

Located very close to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and just 3 Km distance from Mullayanagiri Peak is Beanzone Homestay. This homestay run by traditional Malnad family growing coffee for generations. You get to experience comfortable and relaxed stay close to Major sightseeing Locations.

6) Tusker Trail Homestay

Tusker Trail homestay is close to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and the location is quite remote, rustic. It is Ideal for trekking, offbeat jeep, bike, cycle routes overlooking unexplored Jagara valley. The jeep ride through Jagara valley takes you through the misty mountains and clouds, various streams and waterfalls. You get a view of Giri Mountains from the shadow region. Interesting activities include local waterfalls visit and bird photography. Food is authentic traditional coastal/Malnad cuisine. You get a touch of coastal Karnataka in Chikmagalur with Fish cury, nati koli saaru etc. Hospitality wise homestay owner is the best.

7) Jagara Valley Dormitories and Rooms

If you are a wildlife enthusiast and if you want to do bird photography, this is the place to be. This place is situated just next to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and walkable to one of the pristine, serene and best waterfalls in Chikmagalur.

8) Travellers Bungalow Homestay

The homestay is close to Muthodi forest and one of the amazing sunset view point Kavikal Gandi and Bandekallu gudda. This Place was used by British Hunters to rest on the their way to the game in Muthodi forest. The Homestay is Just around 30-40 Min drive from Chikmagalur.

9) Jagara Valley Cottages

The cottages is on the foothills of unexplored Jagara valley, Very close to Jagara waterfalls. The cottages are very spacious for 4 – 5 member group. It is very close to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and is quite at a remotest part of Chikmagalur. Heaven for those seeking solitude and peace.

10) Offbeat, Remote stay Near Lingadhalli

The place is backpackers and wildlife enthusiast’s paradise. Located in the wilderness overlooking the plains of Kadur and Tarikere. You can hear the calls from Jungle very often. If you are lucky, you can even hear the growl of a tiger and during trekking, you get to spot Wild goats, Sambar, Barking deer at times. From the birds viewpoint in the valley you get to see backwater of Bhadra River.

11) Fort view homestay and adventure camp

Homestay is on the slopes of Ballarayanadurga fort is a part of Kudremukh mountain range. Homestay is overlooking the fort Ballarayanadurga fort. Lush green Shola grasslands and tea plantations surround Homestay. For those of you who are avid trekkers and want to go river rafting and kayaking, this is a place to be.

12) Western Ghats Adventure Camp

There are two Swiss tents which can accommodate 8 each and this is trekkers paradise. You can go trekking to Devi Gudda on Western Ghats and beat the chill with bonfire. Food is lavish spread of Malnad delicacies. One of the best stays in Mudigere very close to Belur and Halebidu.

13) Avathi Homestay

Homestay is a in between 200 acre family run estate in Chikmagalur overlooking Avathi Valley. It is a proper Coffee plantation bungalow growing the best Arabica variety of coffee. The homestay is at a high elevation and quite remote. Ideal place for families who want to do some cycling, boating etc. The drive through the Ghats itself is exciting.

14) Bison Valley Homestay

The Homestay is located far from tourist destination of Chikmagalur. It is in between 300 acre coffee plantation. There is British bungalow almost 100 years old. There are row houses and cottages suitable for family and corporate group outing. The homestay has a large swimming pool and huge lake 5 acre where you can do boating and zip line. There is a Sunset point where you can do rappling. You must go for tea plantation/Factory visit nearby, worth visiting.

15) Heritage homestay in Chikmagalur

The homestay is 250 years old and gives you an insight into life of Malnad Agrarian families. Traditional Hospitality and laidback life is the hallmark of these properties. Food cooked is from spices grown in the garden/estates. Enjoy lavish spread of traditional Malnad cuisine.

16) Homestay stay in Chikmagalur Town

If you are looking for staying in Chikmagalur town and want to do sightseeing this is a place to be. There are 2 cottages. The homestay is between a farmhouse and ideal for backpackers and bikers.

17) Organic Plantation stay in Hills – Chikmagalur

The plantation is rainforest alliance certified and coffee is grown in the shade of wild tree canopy. Figs, jackfruit, wild mangoes and jungle wood are the trees in the plantation. Coffee and spices grown here are organic and pesticide free. Coffee tastes the best when grown in between diverse tree canopy. The cottages are elegant and stay is relaxing hearing to Birds and sipping organic coffee in the coffee shop.

Estate Stay Experience in Chikmagalur

Our curated homestays helps guests to find the best homestays in Chikmagalur for their vacation at coffee plantations. Main motto of any homestay is to give best hospitality, Malnad food and share the information of our proud Malnad region with the guests so that the information inspires the urban citizens about rural living and culture.