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Coffee Plantation Cottages

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    Santaveri, Karnataka, India
    1 nights

    Coffee Plantation Cottages welcomes you to a world away from the hustle and bustle of life. We look forward to giving you the chance to experience a planter’s life; rustic and simple yet luxurious! The cottages are located in the midst of our coffee estate at the foot of the Bababudan Hills. They were built to give our guests a coffee country experience close to nature and different from a traditional resort getaway. The idea came together over years of family get-togethers and conversations filled with laughter.

    Our rooms are big and airy with beautiful bay windows to bring in the sun. They are furnished with antique furniture interspersed with modern pieces. The rooms have been decorated with a blend of themes from English country and Japanese Zen to the Atthingudhi tradition. The diverse themes have been seamlessly blended to create rooms that are cosy and unique. Each room has a private sit out to enjoy the beautiful surroundings along with an attached indoor bath and an outdoor open air shower with a private garden. A traditional fireplace will keep you warm in the winters.

    Come experience naturally luxurious living and hospitality in the heart of the Western Ghats!


    Things to do around Chikmagalur

    • Take a drive through the Western Ghats whose ever changing colours never cease to amaze. Visit Kemmangundi, Mullayanagiri & Bababudan Giri amongst other sites
    • A day trip to visit the historic temples of Belur and Halebeedu
    • Visit the Lakkavalli Dam and explore the Bhadra Tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Trekking in the hills around
    • Golfing at the Chikmagalur Golf Club


    Estate walk

    Walk through the Coffee Estate and see our Arabica and Robusta coffee bushes, pepper vines, and learn what it means for coffee to be ‘shade grown.’

    Star Gazing

    Enjoy the magic of the stars under an unpolluted sky. Gaze at the stars without the big city lights and sounds to interfere with this moment with nature.

    Picnic Basket

    Coffee can be served picnic style in the midst of our lush green Coffee Estate. This will involve an extra cost. Please let us know if you are interested.

    Bird Watching

    Cottages are located in coffee country while also bordering the Bhadra Forest Reserve and is ideal for bird watching.

    Coffee Shop

    Relax at our very own estate coffee shop – Coffee Barn Cafe

    Village Market

    Visit the nearby weekly Shandy Market where the local village folks shop for their groceries and weekly supplies.This happens at our local village once a week on Sundays.

    Board Games

    Play board games and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

    Policies of Coffee Plantation Cottages

    Amenities of Coffee Plantation Cottages

    • COFFEE
    • FRIDGE
    • WI_FI
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    Things to Do


    Halebidu the ancient Hoysala capital houses the ornate Hoysaleswara and Kedareswara temples, and is one of the well visited tourist attractions of Karnataka. Halebidu is located at a distance of 149 km from Mysore and 31 km from Hassan. The Karnataka State Tourism Bureau offers a rather hectic tour package (from Mysore) covering Sravanabelagola, Halebidu


    Mahathma Gandhi Park – Rathnagiri Bore

    This is a beautifully maintained garden for entertainment of people of all walks of life. Good for jogging, walking, children’s entertainment. A small hillock, locally called ‘Rathnagiri Bore’ located on the northern side of Chikmaglur town has become a ‘Star of Attraction’ to the local people on almost all evening outgoings and weekend holidays. Located


    Lakkavalli Dam

    Vegetation The vegetation is of wet deciduous type. This place receives the annual rainfall of more than 120 cm. The temperature varies from 21 degrees Celsius in winter to 39 degrees in summer. Among the flora the commonly found are Sandalwood, Teak, Rosewood, Honne etc.It is also famous for the Bhadra wildlife sanctuary which is


    Hirekolale Lake

    At a distance of 10 Kms from Chikmagalur & 50 Kms from Kemmangundi, Hirekolale Lake is a beautiful manmade lake amidst beauty and surrounded by high mountains. The famous hills of Mullayanagiri can be viewed from here. This lake was built to supply water to Chikmagalur town and irrigation of lands in surrounding villages. This


    Deviramma Betta

    Devigiri – Deviramma temple is located on top of this hill which is open only during Deepavali, there’s a saying that Mysore Palace used to initiate celebration based on indication (lighting) from this hill. Deviramma Betta is named because of the temple of Deviramma at the top of this hill. It is situated in chandra


    Baba Budangiri Hills

    Overview To the north of Chikmagalur town is the Baba-Budan Range or Chandra Drona Parvatha as it was known in olden times, which has one of the highest mountain peaks between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris. The loftiest point of the range is Mullaiyanagiri which is 1,926 meters above sea level. The three large caves



    Mullayanagiri located in Chikmagalur district is the highest peak in Karnataka with an altitude of 1950 meters. Regarded as the highest peak between Himalayas and Nilgiris, Mullayanagiri is one of the best treks in Karnataka and among the top trekking places to visit in Chikmagalur. It is also one of the top attractions you must



    The historic town Belur, one of the monuments of Karnataka, is beautifully set on banks of Yagachi river, amidst lush surroundings, in Hassan district of Karnataka. It was formerly known as Velapuri and was chosen as the alternate capital city by the Hoysala’s after the ransacking and destruction of their then capital Dwarasumudra (now known


    Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

    The district with dense tropical evergreen forests interspersed with lush grassy slopes is endowed with a rich and varied fauna, abundantly seen at the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, 38 kms north – west of Chickmagalur town. The sanctuary surrounded by hills has the tributaries of the Bhadra river flowing through it. The western border of the


    Chikmagalur Golf Club

    Lush green hills surround Chikmagalur (1, 434 mts) and blend into Western Ghats. This is where the famed Indian Coffee originated, where the highest peak Mulaiyanagiri (1,925mts) in Karnataka nestles cosily with Babubudanagiri hills. A constant clamour by visitors, who have fallen head over heels for Chikmagalur Golf Club, has been for a place to

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