This is a beautifully maintained garden for entertainment of people of all walks of life. Good for jogging, walking, children’s entertainment.

A small hillock, locally called ‘Rathnagiri Bore’ located on the northern side of Chikmaglur town has become a ‘Star of Attraction’ to the local people on almost all evening outgoings and weekend holidays. Located on a vital spot, it gives the most beautiful sight of ‘Mullayanagiri’ on the back drop with ever-changing natural scenario. Clouds and fog playing around the top of the hill, is really the most wanted place for visitors of all ages. ‘Rathnagiri Bore’ – a small hillock used only by the morning joggers has now been converted into a small but beautiful garden called Mahathma Gandhi Park. It has two entry gates, one for convenience of the walkers and the other main gate for those who can reach by vehicles. The Garden has beautifully designed pathways, steps and lush green lawn on ether sides with variety of colorful flower plants and ornamental plants. There is a water body flowing down from the top of the hill to the fountain point designed to draw the attention of the walkers. The noise of the flowing water is an experience to the young children. The color lights in and around of the garden adds to the beauty of the flowing water.

Multi colored king fountain

Multi colored king fountain in the water of the small pond and four small fountains with their foamy water around welcome the visitors from the main gate. The visitors are thrilled with the sight of the fountain with the garden on the back drop. While you climb the top through the walking path, lotus pond and children-cross bridge halts you for a while. Towards left of the garden, while you go towards the Amphi – Theatre beckons the Nehru Rose Garden. As many as 250 variety of rose plants catches your sight by their colors and shapes. Amphi-Theatre, a totally new concept of mini out door stage activity for the children (with an audience capacity of 250) is a wonderful place for children to celebrate their birth day, conduct mini art and music programs. From there you proceed to kinder play unit with variety of kinder play equipment’s. Children below 12 years will definitely love to spend their time here. At the top of the hill, provisional telescopic view point a plat form from where many enjoys the ever attractive contours of ‘BABA BUDAN GIRI’ sight which will record in your memory for years. A green house and variety of more than 300 species of plants and trees provide ample opportunities to nature lovers and students as well. Navagraha Vana traditional imagination of the nexus between Nature God and the trees takes you back to the Vedic age.

Ratnagiri Toy Train

Ratnagiri Toy Train cynosure of the garden is the real star of attraction and pet entertainer of all. Even the aged people enjoys the one kilometer trip on a most tough laid track with an embankment of the 30 ft height places and bunds. The ground level gives the feeling of the real Malnad tracks. It has gained the nickname ‘the first train of Malnad’. A canteen to serve the visitors with snacks and beverages where you can spend some time enjoying the beauty of scenarios around and occasional sun setting. Majestic entry gate, ticket counter, high-tech toilets are built to the needs of visitors. The garden has become a point of visit for daily walkers and joggers. Visitors rush to the garden and takes joy rides of ‘Ratnagiri Express’.