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Gangamoola Hill

This ‘World Heritage Site’ is the point of origin of three rivers – Netra, Tunga and Bhadra. To arrive at Ganga Moola (also called Varaha Parvata), one has to cover a distance of 32 km on Kudremukh, by driving. Hereafter, the Kudremukh forest authority grants permission to trekkers to visit Ganga Moola. The Bhagawati forest is dense and inhabits a number of wild creatures. The origin of trekking begins from a dark cave underneath huge rocks. Water trickles at several places in between rocks inside the cave and it is advisable to carry a torch, even during the day. A temple of Goddess Bhagawati and a statue of Varaha (6 ft. or 1.8 m high) are present inside the cave at Ganga Moola. A visit to Kudremukh is generally complemented with a visit to see this holy sight of origin of 3 rivers.

Origin of rivers

Gangamoola is the origin of three rivers, Tunga, Bhadra and Netravathi.


From its origin, the Tunga flows in a north-easterly direction passing the towns of Sringeri, Thirthahalli and Shimoga. A dam has been constructed across it at Gajanur. After covering a total distance of 147 km., it joins the Bhadra at Koodli near Shivamogga and forms the Tungabhadra river.


From its origin, the Bhadra river first flows east and then north-east passing the town of Bhadravathi. After travelling a distance of 178 km., it joins the Tunga at Koodli.


From its origin, the Netravathi flows west, passing the towns of Dharmasthala and Mangalore before joining the Arabian Sea.