Ettina Bhuja is a hill which is shaped like the back of an ox (ettu=ox in kannanda, bhuja=shoulder). This is in Mudigere Taluk of Chikmagalur, accessible from a Mudigere town near to Byrapura village.

The trek to Ettina Bhuja is one of the most popular treks in the Bangalore area, and takes place in a lush landscape in a hilly area, where the views are quite spectacular, as hikers will see panoramic and beautiful views of both hills and valleys in the area. The gorgeous views, as well as the accessibility of the area are the main attractions of this hike, since this makes it suitable both for newbies and seasoned hikers. The hike starts in Chikmagalur, and after passing the Bhyrapura stream, you will go into a dense forest, where you start your climb up the hills. You will be able to see the famous peak of Ombattu Gudda (at a distance), as well as the Alekhan Waterfalls (up close). The trail ends near the Kapila River, near Shishala, and most hikers spend around 7 hours on this trail, sometimes divided into two days, as there is a campsite around half way of the trail. It is however possible to finish this trek in just one day as well, with some effort.