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Nature Resort with Private Waterfalls

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    Discover an Authentic Adventure

    Nature Resort with Private Waterfalls, a place where nature thrives in its rawest form. Discover an immersive destination off the beaten path, where the real luxury lies in living and breathing the freshness of coffee plantation. Witness a private waterfall in all its majestic glory, and undergo a complete detoxification of your mind as you soak in the pristine environment.

    Nature Resort with Private Waterfalls and is one of the most sough-after eco-stays in the hill town of Chikamagalur. Much before the pillars of sustainable tourism were established around the world, we envisioned as a project whose objective was to protect its natural surroundings while providing our visitors an experience for a lifetime.

    The Falls

    The centrepiece of our eco-stay is a beautiful private natural waterfall. Soak in the atmosphere as you look forward to a once-in-a-lifetime forest adventure, complete with random wildlife encounters and a host of activities. Secluded and special, our private waterfall is only accessible to guests, ensuring privacy and peace-of-mind for those running away from the harsh cacophony of daily life.

    The Experience

    This nature resort embodies the attempt to incorporate what our visitors seek in an enriching travel experience – harmony, serenity, and tranquillity. We have evolved to serve corporate and teams who come with a bold spirit to explore nature in its truest form and connect with the unique ecosystem of land and water that Chikamagalur provides.

    The experience we provide is intimate and authentic, educational as well as inspiring. At resort, a long hike through the forest will refresh your body and soul, and as you make your way back to our nature abode, you will be welcomed by the gushing sound of the waterfall long before your eyes catch a view. We have focused on the small things which make our eco-stay truly special, and we await your patronage to discover the same.


    The resort is the gateway to Chikamagalur’s natural wonders. Situated deep within the forests itself with only the sound of crickets and gushing water to give you company, the opportunities for exploring and adventuring offered by our unique location are exciting and boundless.


    Our hosts will provide you with an authentic experience of trekking through the hills amidst the extraordinary natural beauty of our property and beyond. Experience the rich biodiversity of Chikamagalur first-hand, right from the dusky tree canopies to local wildlife. We organize treks for different age groups based upon the complexities involved, so you can trek at a pace which you prefer.
    Apart from hiking through forest trails, you can also directly hike to Mulayangiri peak from our location, and although we recommend this for seasoned veterans, the views that you come across along the way more than make up for the strenuous workout.

    Bird Watching

    The pristine forests, secluded waterways and the raw natural beauty of resort eco-stay’s unique location ensure there is a thriving bird population waiting to be discovered. Get up with the morning sun and take a walk through misty walkways to hear the cackle of the scarlet minivet or watch sunbirds soar freely through the sky.

    Adventure Games

    The resort is a heaven for thrill-seekers and adventure-hunters who are looking to discover meaning in the vast unknown. If you thrive on heart-pounding adventure activities. Our experienced guides will take you through a range of curated adventure activities which suit your taste and leave behind a lasting experience which will keep you coming back for more. Our adventure games include:

    • Rope Course
    • Zip line
    • Rope crossing
    • Trekking
    • Adventure Jeep ride

    Nature Walk

    The forest surrounding the resort plays host to several species of medicinal plants, many of which can only be found in the hills of Chikamagalur. Surrounded by woods and whistling trails, a nature walk at resort is the walk of your soul finding its real home. An easy teak for most age groups, our nature walk is instantly rewarding as you traverse the winding curves through the forest, while discovering gorgeous plants helpfully pointed out by our guide.

    Indoor Games

    At resort, all our efforts serve a common end that is to ensure you break away from the daily grind of life and disconnect totally from the outside world. Our variety of indoor games is hand-picked for those who believe in making the most of their vacation.

    Laze around in our beautiful property or while away your time away in a rousing round of Carom board, a brain-teasing game of Chess or even a round of Table Tennis, you can stay indoors at resort and still have the time of your life.

    The Stay

    With modern sleek furnishings, carefully-selected amenities groomed to your tastes, our guestrooms are designed to make your stay at this nature resort a memorable one. Sleep in the lap of luxury under a star-lit sky with only the cackle of wild birds to give you company, as the soothing sound of water flowing in rivulets embraces you.

    With nature, your friends, and family as your only company, we are sure you will miss the connectivity of cell phone towers and WiFi internet.
    Our stay options include:


    With 8 private rooms, this resort is the perfect place for a family get together or a weekend getaway. Luxury and sustainability go hand-in-hand to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience. Wake up in the morning to be greeted with a view of the lush-green valley, the abundant waterfall, and the mist which envelops the property. All our rooms come with an attached bath and basic amenities.

    Tent Stay

    At this resort, the great outdoors are now more personal than ever. With 10 tents, our tent stay is ideal for casual backpackers and thrillseekers, and is a great eco-friendly way to experience a star-lit night sky experience. Share experiences around a campfire, maybe sing a few songs, or just enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest, our comfortable tent stay will leave behind an experience to cherish.


    Our dormitory is ideal for visitors who are arriving in a large group and want a clean, fresh place with all the basic necessities available. A day’s exploration around Chikmagalur can be strenuous, and our comfortable dormitory will welcome you back with open arms and lull you into deep slumber with the sounds of the hills to give you company.


    Simplicity drives our efforts in this nature resort, and we invite our guests to wait a while and spend some time savoring local specialties and north-Indian and south-Indian delicacies cooked with generous helpings of love and affection.

    The food at resort is a gastronomic and sensory delight, cooked fresh from locally-sourced ingredients on open grills and clay pans, like how our ancestors used to. We. Serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner for our patrons, while also accommodating special requests on a daily basis.

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    Things to Do


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