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Premium Coffee Estate Camping

Have a new adventure between plantation lifestyle with our ultra magnificent services

  • Make your mood delightful with the enchanting natural surroundings.
  • Stay and visit to the coffee units with our guides, who will escort you there.
  • Stay and visit to the tea units with our guides, who will escort you there.
  • Get impeccable, ravishing and luxury stay in our resort.

The magnificent Western Ghats is one of the bio-diversity hot spots of the world. Amidst the rich heritage of flora and fauna, thick forest cover, crystal clear water bodies and an atmosphere which is absolutely pure, unperturbed and tranquil lays the vast mountain range of the Baba Budan Giri. The mountain range, also known as the Chandradrona Mountain Range is most famous for its trekking trail in the State of Karnataka between the Mullayanagiri and Baba Budan Giri.

Premium Coffee Estate Camping, situated on high altitudes of the Hills of Baba Budan Giri in Western Ghats has a unique initiative of offering a tour around their very own Arabica Coffee plantations area called ‘Plantation Trail’. Plantation Trail is a fun filled trekking activity for groups and families in the midst of the misty peaks, thick agro-forest lands and remnants of diverse wild life. The take away of experiencing the trek with Plantation Trail is not just the sheer joy of being amidst the pure Mother Nature and a sense of accomplishment of being on one of the highest mountain peaks in South India but also an amazing coffee experience coming straight from the house of Premium Coffee Estate Camping.

The Plantation Trail treks are active throughout the year with best trekking journey during the monsoon seasons. During this season the river streams flowing across property is in its most vibrant and beautiful form. During the early months of the year around the harvesting season along with the trek one can be a part of the entire coffee harvesting process.

Plantation Trail is a pleasant and revitalizing trekking activity which is inclusive of a pre-trek estate drive around the coffee plantations at the bottom of the estate. The treks are guided by professionals to the top of the mountain peaks.

On requests, Premium Coffee Estate Camping also arrange for exclusive trek packages including overnight stay on the plantations called ‘estate camping’ with camp fires, water proof tents, authentic food and amazing music to take you into a different world from the regular rush hours and busy routines of the city life.

Plantation Trail is an adventurous journey to refresh and rejuvenate the mind and soul and an exclusive coffee experience.