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Travel Guide To Chikmagalur

  • India
  • Chikmagalur
  • 30 km2
  • 1090 meters
  • 11-20 °C
  • +5:30 GMT
  • INR
  • Kannada
  • 118,496 (2011)
  • A very pleasant place. There are very nice places around. Cool climate and clean city. Mullayanagiri is the best one. Don't miss baba budan, Hebbe fall's, Buttermilk falls. This places are awesome after a short jeep trekking, Sringeri, Horanadu, Hanuman gundi falls, kemmanagundi. Overall, a very good package. Best hill station in Karnataka I can say.

  • Chikmagalur is still not commercialized. There are lot of mud roads, streams of water, open grounds in between the hills, no cell coverage, no TV network. All these make Chikmagalur the ideal place for those who truly want a break from corporate life.

  • The place is good for a weekend and views are awesome. The wind is breezy and relaxing. The weekend is going to be rejuvenating and the views are valleys are breathtaking. It's a quite place and is not much crowded.


Travel Guide to Chikmagalur

Large parts of the district are endowed with dense Forests. As many as seven rivers originate in this District: of these the Tunga and the Badhra are the principal rivers. The terrain is beautiful – full with scenic surprises – lofty peaks, hill stations, trekking trails, cascading waterfalls, sacred shrines and slopes that are studded with coffee plantations – the origin of which is believed to belong to the seven seeds of coffee smuggled in by Baba Budan from Yemen in the 1600’s. Chikmagalur is one of India’s principal coffee growing areas. Chikmagalur district 200 Km (124 miles) north of Bangalore, dramatically positioned at the base of a rugged chain of hills, this town rose to prominence as an outpost of the Vijayanagar Empire. Later, in the 17th-18th centuries, it became the head-quarters of a line of local chiefs known as Beads, until it was occupied by haider Ali in 1799 and then by the British. The fort, defined by walls of huge granite blocks, rises striking granite boulders. There are several small temples here, as well as a number of ceremonial gateways erected by the beads. The platforms and pavilions within the compound of the sampige siddeswara Tmple mark the spot where the Beads were crowned. The remains of rubble and mud built granaries and residences, and a large circular well can be seen nearby. Chikmagalur is considered to be the place of origin and the early reign of the Hoysalas – who held sway in the south for more than two centuries – later, the region fell into the hands of Hyder Ali & onto his son Tippu Sultan. After the fall of Tippu in 1799, the entire area was taken over by the British – and the area was known as kadur, later on it was changed to Chikmagalur district. Chikmagalur, literally means the youngest daughter’s town – as it was the dowry for the youngest daughter of Rukamangada, the chief of Sakrepatna. Since inception Chikmagalur Urban Development Authority has allotted 2065 residential sites to the individuals for construction of houses. In addition 23 civic amenity sites have been given for various public uses to various Organizations according to needs of the locality.
Chikmagalur River Rafting

Chikmagalur Tourism

Chikmagalur is growing as the new tourist hub of Karnataka. Due to its vicinity to the state capital Bangalore and some other cities like Hassan, Shimoga, Chitradurga and Mangalore and its cool climate, tourists flock into the city during weekends to visit various places throughout the district. Mahatama Gandhi Park, also known as Rathnagiri Bore, is a famous tourist spot located to the north of the town. The nature park along with the site of 'Mullayanagiri' in the back drop was previously an open forest. The park was later converted into a beautiful garden, designed with pavements and lawns. The park has a wide suite of contrasting hued flowers and ornamental plants. Among other highlighting attractions of the park are the lotus pond and a children-cross bridge. Besides, Nehru Rose Garden on the left of the garden towards the amphitheater features over 250 varieties of rose plants. The amphitheater at the park hosts art, music and cultural events through the year. To cater to nature lovers, there is a greenhouse within the garden housing over 300 floral species. Furthermore, there is a telescopic view point, from where tourists can view contours of Baba Budan Giri mountain range. A kilometre-long ride of Ratnagiri Toy Train at the park is a famous recreational activity for visitors.
Chikmagalur Culture and History

Chikmagalur Culture and History



Every little village or town has some story behind it and some jatra or festival is on throughout the year ... it could be one of the fifty festivities celebrated during the year at Sri Jagad Guru Shankaracharya Dhakshinamnaya Mahasamsthanam Sri Sharada Peetha at Sringeri or Sri Renuka Jayanthi or Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Mahotsava at Rambha Puri Matha at Balehonnur. The Dassera Mahotsava of Mailaralingeswami of Birur where one can see the Dollu Kunitha and Veeragase, the thrilling and heroic folk dance of the area, the Urs at Baba-Budan Giri, the Girija Kalyana Mahotsava of Kalaseswaraswamy at Kalasa or the Veerabhadra Devara Rathotsava of Koppa. Or any of the annual festivals of local temples held in many of the villages and towns. Suggi habba or harvest festival is celebrated with great rejoicing in the rural parts and provides the rare opportunity of witnessing Kolata, Salu Kunitha, Suttu Kunitha, the Raja Kunitha and Fire walking too.


The region of Chikamagalur is the place where the rulers of the Hoysala Empire started and spent the early days of their dynasty. Legend has it that the legendary tiger which has been immortalized in the Hoysala crest was killed by the founder of the Hoysala dynasty at Sosevur, now identified with Angadi in Mudigere Taluk. However, this remains a disputed fact among historians as they have found a lot of inconsistencies in the story which they term as folklore. It is known for a fact however that Veera Ballala II, the great king of Hoysala Empire, has built the Amriteshwara temple at Amrithapura in Tarikere Taluk.


We are at Chikmagalur, Karnataka. The blend of fine, famed culture and lush green terrain of our region, inspires our intent to provide finest hospitality to travelers. During your visit to Chikmagalur, you can witness the highest peak in Karnataka.

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Located at the heart of the valley in the midst of a sprawling Coffee estate at the heart of chikmagalur

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Nestled amidst lush green coffee plantations & comfortably located at approximately 25 Kilometers from the lovely Chikmagalur city, this Homestay

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Sringeri Temple in Chikmagalur
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Sringeri is a beautiful town in South India. It is a site having ancient importance as per the legend, Adi Shankaracharya is believed to have selected this place to stay and teach his disciples. There are several beautiful temples built in this region having a sheer place in terms of religious significance. There are several historic temples located in Sringeri and places nearby.
per person₹6500.00
  • Make your mood delightful
  • Enchanting natural surroundings
  • Stay and visit to the coffee units with guides
  • Get impeccable, ravishing and luxury stay
  • Estate camping’ with camp fires, water proof tents, authentic food and amazing music