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Arabica Estate Camp Homestay

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    Arasinaguppe, Karnataka, India
    1 nights

    Situated at an altitude of 4250ft at Estate Camp Home Stay, every guest is treated to the serene and mystical elements that the plantation has to offer. The camp is in a plantation with a rich heritage and coffee lineage that dates back to 1896. It is not just a place to retreat from the hustle bustle of the city but a camp where the guest feels one with the culture of the estate. Yes, the plantation culture where coffee and its many tales is everything.

    Guests enjoy the beautiful existential nature and the wilderness that the camp has to offer with the abundant flora and fauna which is a visual treat to the eyes. Being amidst the plantation the camp has a way of indulging its guests as a part of the coffee process along with a feel of the property. With the best of staying experiences and exotic food, the camp offers its very own coffee that is handpicked, pulped and roasted in its estates to enrich your stay.

    The property along with its many facets proudly boasts an opportunity where the guests can enjoy and observe brewing processes of the plantation’s coffee. The indulgence in the methods of coffee brewing with various equipments displayed at the camp is what adds to the unique feel to your stay. Freshly brewed hot cup of coffee around the bon fire in the night with the distant chirping of wild birds is a perfect definition for a luxury getaway!

    Depending on the season of your stay at the camp, you are taken on a plantation trail and be involved in the work that goes on in the circle of coffee production. Interacting with the community of people who work in the estates and make the circle of coffee production complete is a rare chance that the camp provides. At the end you are filled with a sense of oneness with the plantation and its everyday proceedings. The memories you carry with you are the ones that made you feel a part of the culture and an undeniable affection for all things coffee!

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