Sipping Old Monk Rum on a rainy day in Mudigere

I had taken an overnight Volvo bus from Mumbai to Mangalore. After freshening up at friends place in Mangalore, we headed to the hills just around 2 hours from Mangalore. Driving down from the coastal town of Mangalore via Charmadi Ghats, between the clouds, hairpin curves. The visibility of road was poor and high beam […]

Travel Destination Mudigere

Mudigere is situated at 3001 feet above sea level in lap of Western Ghats (one of the 8 bio diversity hotspots in world). Average rainfall is very high (3000mm-3500mm). Away from Crowded destinations of Mullayanagiri, Bababudangiri in Chikmagalur district is Mudigere. Mudigere is surrounded by lush hills of Western Ghats and coffee plantation, paddy fields. […]